Future Transportation Technology

future transportation technology

Future transportation technology is developing very quickly. There are at least five innovations that are predicted to change the future transportation system, namely flying cars, hyperloop, subway systems, e-Palettes, and smart cars. The matter of flying cars sounds like science fiction. However, its existence cannot be denied. Several companies in various countries are currently developing … Read more

Companies That Use The Most Solar Panel

solar panel companies

Nowadays solar panel companies provide the need for solar panels for many large companies in the world. Here are 10 companies that use the most solar panel in the world. 1. Target – 203.5 MW The aim is to expand the portfolio by more than 40 MW of solar power in 2017. The company now … Read more

Residential Solar Power: Pros and Cons

Residential Solar Power

The use of solar power as an alternative or primary energy source is becoming more and more of a trend, especially in residential buildings. Solar energy is considered one of the future steps to take full advantage of sunlight as a source of electrical energy in the home. But, what are the advantages of using … Read more

Best Electric Car

best electric car

Generally, when it comes to cars of the future, the first thing that comes to mind is electric cars. Then in recent years, automakers around the world, even for super-luxury brands, are racing to launch electric cars that are said to be best-in-class. Some of the things you can get out of an electric car … Read more

Solar Panel Installation

solar panel installation

Solar Panel Installation – As the human population increases, it is very likely that a power crisis will arise. Coupled with the increased fuel prices and the use of fossil fuels for conventional power plants, reserves will become scarce in the long term. This electricity crisis must occupy everyone because if it is not expected, … Read more

Renewable Resources: Definition, Types, and Benefits of

renewable resources

Renewable Resources is a source of energy that comes from nature that can be used freely, it can be renewed continuously and unlimitedly. The following is the definition of renewable resources, complete with types, sources, and benefits. It is undeniable that every human being needs energy resources. Without a doubt, any activity that is carried out … Read more

Natural Gas: Advantages and Disadvantages

natural gas

Natural Gas – Earth is one of the planets in the solar system. So far, only the earth has life. The Earth has an uneven surface. This happens due to the two forces that make up the earth. These forces are endogenous energy and exogenous energy. Endogenous energy is energy that comes from within the … Read more

What Is Electricity?


In everyday life, of course, we cannot separate ourselves from this single need, in physics electricity is the flow of electrons from atoms in a conductor, there are many benefits for both households and industry, this time we will discuss the meaning of the electrics and according to the experts and the benefits, the types … Read more

Where Does Electricity Come From

where does electricity come from

Where Does Electricity Come From? Technological development in this world is getting faster and faster, so the use of electricity will also become more widespread. But do you know where the electricity comes from? and how do we get the electrical energy that we use every day? Technological developments will take place both in the … Read more