Future Transportation Technology

Future transportation technology is developing very quickly. There are at least five innovations that are predicted to change the future transportation system, namely flying cars, hyperloop, subway systems, e-Palettes, and smart cars.

The matter of flying cars sounds like science fiction. However, its existence cannot be denied. Several companies in various countries are currently developing it, starting with Europe, the United States (US), Japan, and China. With investments of up to billions of rupees and years of research, flying cars are likely to become a reality soon.

For example, a company from the Netherlands, PAL-V, sells the PALV Liberty flying car worth USD 399,000 (Rp 5.5 billion). However, not everyone can buy it because potential buyers must have a driver’s license and fly a plane. PAL-V stated that the car would only be delivered to buyers in 2019.

The PAL-V Liberty is a three-wheeled vehicle that can be converted into a gyrocopter in 5 to 10 minutes. When about to take off, the PAL-V Liberty stretches out the propellers. This vehicle needs a special track. With a Rotax engine and a 102-liter tank capacity, the car can explore up to 399 km in the air.

Today’s means of transportation often stress people out. The public bus is full of people huddled together. Trains are always full of passengers. While on the highway, traffic jams are inevitable.

Along with the development of technology, the means of transportation in the future will also experience an increase in quality. The design of transport equipment is increasingly comfortable, equipped with a guaranteed security system.

Not only that, but the future means of transportation are also very fast. It is understandable that the mobility of modern humans is increasing.

So, are you curious about what the future mode of transportation will look like? Let’s see the following information:

1. Yorobike

Yorobike is a bike that can go fast. The wheels of this bicycle are linked by means of automatic controls. Its function is to keep cycling stable.

2. ES-V

EN-V or The Electric Networked Vehicle is a car with two seats. This car can park automatically. Cars made by Segway Inc. are also equipped with sensors that prevent accidents.

3. Hoverboard from Back to the Future II

This skateboard is a means of transportation that is planned to exist in the future. By design, this skateboard without wheels can reach a speed of up to 30 km per hour.

4. Aero-X

Aero-X is a two-wheeled bicycle equipped with two seats. The advantage of this bike is that it can reach speeds of up to 81.5 km per hour.

5. Yike Bike

YikeBike is a 3-wheel bike that can go fast too. This bike is powered by electricity. This bike can reach 28 km per hour.

6. Single wheel

Solowheel is a bicycle designed for one person. This bike has only one wheel. Although the rider only stands on one wheel, there is no need to worry about falling off. This bike is equipped with a super sophisticated stabilization system.


Walkcar is a simple means of transportation that can be stored in a bag. The Walkcar was created by Kuniako Saito and his team. This means of transport can be carried by a single person with a maximum weight of 120 kg. The Walkcar can travel up to 14 km per hour.

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