Natural Gas: Advantages and Disadvantages

Natural Gas – Earth is one of the planets in the solar system. So far, only the earth has life. The Earth has an uneven surface. This happens due to the two forces that make up the earth. These forces are endogenous energy and exogenous energy.

Endogenous energy is energy that comes from within the earth. This energy comes from pressure on the ground. The pressure comes from geothermal heat and produces a pressure that pushes the earth’s crust. As a result of this pressure, the earth’s surface experiences various forms of faults and folds, as a result of pressure on the earth’s layers. The fault is the shape of the earth’s surface, due to the pressure that occurs in the hard layers of the earth, and it occurs very quickly.

Whereas the folds are shaped like the surface of the earth due to the pressure on the soft earth layer and occur slowly. A layer of the earth, made up of rocks. Endogenous energy consists of 3 types, namely, tectonic, volcanism, and earthquake. Exogenous energy is energy that comes from outside the earth. This energy uses wind, water, and glaciers as its transportation power. Exogenous energy is responsible for changing the shape of the earth that has been formed by endogenous forces. Exogenous energy consists of 2 types, namely erosion and sedimentation.

As a result of these two forces, the surface of the earth also cracked. These cracks are useful to humans because in the cracks of the earth there are pockets that store reserves of natural gas and oil. These pockets are believed to have good quality oil and natural gas reserves. Oil is known for its benefits for humans. However, natural gas also has benefits for humans.

Natural gas is gas released by the earth. Natural gas is usually present along with oil. Natural gas and natural gas are one of the natural data sources that cannot be updated. This is because these resources take hundreds of years to form. Oil is known for its benefits for humans. But natural gas also has many benefits. Here are 16 benefits of natural gas for human life

1. Power plant

Natural gas is one of the gases that can be used as a means to generate electricity. In addition, natural gas is also considered an alternative energy to replace water and wind as a power plant.

2. As a fuel for vehicles

Natural gas can be used as an alternative fuel to replace gasoline and diesel. In addition, natural gas is considered an alternative and environmentally friendly energy, since it does not produce harmful exhaust gases. Fuel gas has started to be applied in Indonesia. The first gas-fueled vehicle in Indonesia is the bemo, which operates mainly in Jakarta.

3. Raw materials for the plastics industry

Besides being a source of energy, natural gas is also one of the raw materials in the plastics processing industry. Apart from plastic, there are many other industries that use natural gas as a raw material. These include the steel processing industry and the fire truck processing industry.

4. Liquefied petroleum gas

Liquefied petroleum gas is a household appliance that is always present in almost every home. Liquefied petroleum gas is used for cooking, using natural gas as fuel to make a fire in the stove.

5. Alternative energy

Natural gas can be used as an environmentally friendly alternative energy. By using environmentally friendly energy, it is hoped to reduce the greenhouse effect. This is because natural gas does not emit waste materials that pollute the environment. It’s just that because it is in the form of gas, the processing becomes more difficult than the processing of oil.

Natural gas can be used as an alternative energy source to heat and cool the home. In some countries that have 4 seasons, cooling and heating are needed. By using natural gas for energy, the cost of electricity at home can be reduced.

7. Paper processing

Natural gas is also used in paper and tissue processing. However, in processing, natural gas is not used as fuel. However, as a source of energy to start the engine. This is because natural gas is an environmentally friendly fuel, so it is used as an alternative energy to replace oil and coal.

8. Raw materials for the fertilizer industry

Artificial fertilizers are fertilizers that are made by mixing various chemicals. In the manufacturing process, artificial fertilizers use natural gas as one of the raw materials. However, if used too frequently, artificial fertilizers will damage the soil and reduce soil fertility.

9. Rain engineering industry

Natural gas is considered capable of generating rain. It does this by spraying carbon dioxide into the clouds to attract rain clouds. This is useful when an area is exposed to a prolonged dry season. Rain engineering is also useful in wildfire prone areas.

10. Steam power plant

The steam power plant is one of the environmentally friendly power plants in addition to hydroelectric power. Natural gas is used, because natural gas can be a clean power plant and is better than oil and coal.

11. A source of state revenue

Non-renewable natural resources such as natural gas, oil, and coal are one of the state’s sources of revenue. The natural gas sales tax is one of the state’s sources of revenue. This is because natural gas is a raw material that has a fairly high sales value.

12. As environmentally friendly energy

Natural gas is one of the energies that is considered environmentally friendly energy. By using natural gas, the energy produced will be as great as the use of oil and coal. The difference is that natural gas does not emit hazardous waste. The use of natural gas is also considered capable of cleaning dirty air. Due to the decreasing amount of dirty exhaust gases caused by coal and oil.

13. Employer

The natural gas industry can provide employment for many people. This is because it takes many people to drill for oil and natural gas. In addition, in the cleaning and packaging process, it also requires a lot of human resources.

14. Dry ice

Dry ice is dry ice that is often used as a tribute in a show. However, dry ice is also often used as a food preservative. To make dry ice, natural gas is required as a raw material, so that the ice dries out and does not melt easily.

15. As raw material for beverages

Soft drinks are drinks that use CO2 derived from natural gas. The role of CO2 in soda is to make the drink appear frothy and carbonated.

16. As research material

There are many functions of natural gas that have not been discovered. Therefore, natural gas is still being studied for the sake of technological progress and to find alternative energies that are respectful with the environment and that do not emit harmful substances.

Here are 16 benefits of natural gas for human life. However, natural gas is the result of the erosion of living things millions of years ago. Therefore, natural gas is a non-renewable natural resource. Excessive use of natural gas will run out of natural gas on earth. Therefore, the use of natural gas is required wisely and does not waste it.

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