Business Administration Degree

The Business Administration Degree focuses on aspects of planning, control, and organization of a public or private agency in order to achieve the final goals that have been set. You will carry out many studies on various policies in the business, public or fiscal sector, depending on the focus of your studies.

Knowledge and experience

  • Managerial ability
  • Ability to perform analysis
  • Strategic thinking skills
  • Communication skills
  • Ability to manage the organization
  • Mathematical understanding

Why Should You Choose a Business Administration Degree?

There are many advantages that can be obtained from a graduate of the business administration degrees.

  • The field of work that graduates in Business Administration Degree can undertake is very diverse, Quipperian only needs to adjust it to their respective passions.
  • Those of you who are not interested in office work and tend to be more interested in the business world, you can really become an entrepreneur after graduating from the Department of Commerce (Business).
  • If Quipperian focuses on State (Public) Administration, it has strong provisions in the management of public organizations. Of course, this is a great opportunity to become a state civil apparatus.
  • Tax Administration (Tax) graduates have promising career paths in business. You can start your career as a tax accountant when you are a recent graduate, and it is not impossible for you to fill the position of a tax manager and even a tax director.
  • Graduates of Business Administration Degree also have great opportunities to continue their studies at the graduate level.

Job Prospect

1. Administrative staff

One of the job prospects for a business administration graduate is as administrative staff of a company.

The position of administrative personnel within the company itself is very diverse, such as general administration, tax, warehouse, and many more.

There are several tasks performed by administrative staff. The first task is to file or recap data such as letters of address, transaction vouchers, and company asset values.

In addition, the administrative staff is responsible for preparing the official documents that the company needs, such as letters of address, letters of contract extension and letters of purchase.

Business administration graduates who work as administrative staff also do universal corporate scheduling, such as hosting meetings with multiple clients at once to save time.

2. Company management

Graduates of business administration have a fairly complete competence. One of these competencies is in the field of management.

Understanding corporate management is the process of leading, managing, and directing the business. A manager must be able to make decisions, communicate, motivate, delegate and develop others with evaluation, advice and training.

In addition, managers must be able to do careful planning regarding the various activities of the company and monitor its operations. If you are a business administration graduate and want to occupy a managerial position in a company,

You can apply to a management training program that is often carried out by large companies. In this program, you, as a business administration graduate, not only work according to the knowledge you have.

You will be encouraged to study the entire company before positioning yourself in a particular management department.

It can be said that the professional opportunities that await graduates in Business Administration Degree are many and very diverse. Each field of work for graduates in Business Administration Degree offers quite varied career paths.

The management science skills gained during the lecture period can be your capital in competing in the world of work. So you just have to choose if you want to work in government agencies, companies, non-profit organizations, do business, or enter the world of politics.

3. Marketing staff

One of the topics studied in the business administration department is marketing policy and strategy. Therefore, it is highly likely that a business administration graduate will work as a marketing staff in a company.

The marketing division within the company works to increase the sales of its products or services through various promotions.

One of the jobs that business administration graduates in the marketing division can perform is to perform day-to-day tasks in the field of administration to help marketing managers fulfill the functions of the marketing division.

Not only does he deal with administrative issues, but a business administration graduate working in the marketing division also has the potential to become a manager.

The marketing manager is in charge of interviewing, hiring, and managing the marketing staff, creating various programs and projects to achieve the marketing objectives of the company.

Marketing managers are also required to be able to think creatively. In the midst of the current Internet marketing trend, the competition to draw people’s attention to the products being sold is getting tougher.

Therefore, creativity is necessary to be able to find the right formula to increase brand awareness in the eyes of the public.

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