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You may get the idea that most people can write on paper. However, that doesn’t mean everyone is a good writer. Getting the first sentence down on paper can be a big challenge for writers. If you’re looking to start a writing career, this article brings you the best free online Creative Writing Classes for new writers.

It is very clear that almost anything can be learned online. Learning to write online is like walking around the store buying groceries. Writing may seem very easy to you, but there are a few keys to being a good writer.

To be very creative while writing, you need to stick to the right techniques that will set you apart from other writers. For beginners pursuing a career in writing, the best free online writing courses for new writers in this article are a surefire choice for you.

How can I become a creative writer?

While most people can write, not everyone is a better writer. Before you can become a better writer, you need time to improve your writing skills. Remember, you can’t do this in a couple of weeks.

Hence, here are the tips that you should follow in order to become a better writer:

1. Reading

During your kindergarten years you will learn to read (pronounce words) first before you write. This applies to all types of writing.

It is always important to read and understand before writing. Well, you can’t just write what you don’t know because you have to read it first.

Great writers are known to be voracious readers. If you read a lot and continuously, you will discover new writing methods. It doesn’t just stop here. You will also find resources to help you improve your writing skills and become a better writer.

2. Keep a routine

Now that you’ve used the continuous reading technique, it’s time to write.

One of the main keys to improving your writing skills in order to become a better writer is to develop a daily writing routine. You can start by setting a specific time of day that you might be free. It can be in your spare time – even if it’s only ten minutes, take the time to write something down.

As you do this every day and read different materials, your brain and writing skills will develop better. Make sure you don’t miss a few days as it can be a setback for your development.

3. Use writing exercises

Suggestions and exercises serve as guidelines for new authors. Using cues will teach you how to start the first sentence of any type of writing. For example, studying the structure of blogging, writing essays or the premise of a thriller, etc.

There are some pointers and exercises online for beginners. An example of a good command prompt is freewriting.

4. Get the diary

One of the keys to becoming a better writer is to record real events. So here you need a journal to record.

These real-life events will inspire you to come up with ideas for stories or essays.

5. Belong to the writing group

You can’t figure it all out on your own. There is one more thing you will learn from other writers that will help you improve your writing skills.

For this reason, you should join a writing group that has a network of writers in multiple niches. Joining a writing group gives you an opportunity to learn more from writers who are professionals in their field.

6. Practice different types of writing

You can be very good at certain spellings, but it is good to be familiar with other writing styles.

If you are really good at essay writing, try learning fiction or horror writing. This will expand your writing skills and prepare you for more opportunities.

7. Research

You can’t write a thesis without doing some research. Even the best authors do research when putting works together. So before you write, do your research.

8. Take a writing class

If you are a new writer, taking a writing class will be of great help to you. In these courses, you will learn the latest writing methods from famous authors.

It will also create a platform where you can ask them questions and get feedback from professional writers.

How can I improve my writing skills online for free?

Writing is a gradual process, just like learning. Great writers are never born with excellent writing skills. They only get great at writing because they have sacrificed a lot to improve their writing skills.

You too can become a great writer by improving your writing skills online for free.

The best free online writing courses for new writers

If you are a new writer or a beginner, you can improve your writing skills to become a better writer by taking online writing classes.

The best free online writing courses for new writers are:

  • Grammar and punctuation
  • Tenses and passive verbs
  • Functional English grammar
  • Start writing fiction
  • Transmedia writing
  • This is how you can write apps
  • Copywriting: Basics for Beginners
  • Get started writing an essay
  • Songwriting: Writing lyrics
  • Technical writing

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