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Best Online University College – Distance learning has definitely become the new normal, especially for today’s new students. In many countries, online university programs have been practiced for a long time since the Internet began to spread. Now for those of you who want to study abroad and stay at home, here are 5 universities that can be your choice to study abroad online.

1. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University is located in the state of Florida. This private university is ranked 1 by US News and World Report in online conference programs in the world and the United States. In fact, since the rankings began in 2013, Embry-Riddle has placed in the Top 5 more than any other university, reinforcing the image of campus as a dream for online learning.

The campus has been offering online tuition programs for students since before 1997-1998. The Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University program emphasizes flexible study hours and a personalized student experience. You will study according to your own study schedule.

Then, through technology, Embry-Riddle students connect with a global network of peers and instructors. Additionally, there are counselors who provide personal assistance, including title planning tailored to individual needs and circumstances. Pokonya, really complete, deh!

2. University of Illinois

Unlike the previous campus, the University of Illinois is a public campus located in Illinois in the state of Chicago, United States. The campus itself has been offering online courses for college students since 2007.

On this campus, the most popular majors are Business Administration and Management. Of course, this is suitable for those of you who are into business and economics. Also, one of the colleges there, namely the College of Business Administration, was ranked the # 1 business program in the Chicago area.

3. University of Florida

The University of Florida is a public campus offering online bachelor’s programs from 2001-2002. The campus is known as an opponent of the old way of teaching. The University of Florida is committed to helping as many people as possible learn by enrolling online. Therefore, it will open to improve the quality of life through education.

In online undergraduate programs, the University of Florida provides its students with access to material at the same college. Additionally, the University of Florida also offers a variety of experiences, including research, internships, and study abroad. Additionally, if you later enroll on this campus, you will get a special advisor who will provide support and guidance throughout your academic journey. Very good, isn’t it?

4. Ohio State University

The Ohio State University, Columbus, is a suitable campus for those of you who wish to study in the fields of health and medicine. The state campus has been offering undergraduate courses since 2008 and has been around for nearly 150 years. In fact, in 2020, Ohio State University was ranked the best online undergraduate program by US News and World Report. How cool!

All Ohio State University online courses are related to the health sciences: Bachelor of Nursing, Bachelor of Health Sciences, Dental Sciences, and Radiology.

Additionally, Ohio State University provides students with the knowledge to enter professional practice as generalists or prepares them for more advanced roles in their field and provides the foundation for subsequent graduate study. This could really add to your dream list!

5. Oregon State University

As before, Oregon State University is a public campus with online education programs that are accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU). Oregon State University has offered online tuition programs since 2001.

Cooperating with OSU Ecampus, this course consistently ranks among the best online education providers in the United States according to US News and World Report. However, unlike Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, OSU Ecampus has the same class schedule as face-to-face lectures with the same credit calculation.

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