Independent Study

Independent study – Learning is a process that cannot be separated from humans. Human beings need to receive education to live their lives well and to be able to participate in the changes and developments of the times.

In general, learning activities are carried out in schools, universities, or other educational institutions with the guidance of teachers such as professors, lecturers, etc. However, it is better if a student is also able to apply the concept of independent learning so that they do not depend only on the teacher.

Definition of independent study

The concept of independent study is defined more by the initiative or motivation that exists in students. That is, the learning process can be done alone or in a group, but students must have the initiative or encouragement of themselves to learn.

With initiative or motivation, students will actively seek learning resources other than school. This is because schools often only provide limited learning resources. If students do not take the initiative to learn independently, the knowledge acquired will also be limited.

Application of the independent study

In practice, the concept of independent learning should be based on the wishes and abilities of the students. The application of self-study can be done by:

Evaluation and reflection

Once the learning is finished, the students must evaluate and reflect on the learning process that has taken place. The results of the assessment can be used as an assessment so that the next learning process can be carried out better.

Ask for

As the saying goes, it is shameful to ask astray on the road. Students must be guided and taught to dare to ask questions and express opinions.

A question can encourage students to be more motivated to master the material being taught. Analytical questions are not limited to correct or incorrect answers. The more questions, the more curious students are.

Build trust

Self-confidence is one of the requirements in the independent learning concept. Students with high self-confidence will more easily apply the concept of independent learning.

This process must be carried out from the beginning so that self-confidence is more and more ingrained and increased. Constructive feedback and clear feedback from friends and teachers can boost students’ self-confidence.

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