Online Interior Design Courses

Online Interior Design Courses – Are you interested in the world of interior design and interested in learning without going to formal school? We have compiled recommendations for the best free interior design courses that are worth trying.

Learning about interior design can be a fun activity. You can learn about a variety of designs, color mixing and the most suitable visual strategy design for each type of room. Especially if you really have a passion and a career plan as an interior designer.

Armed with an internet data pack, you can comfortably start learning interior design from home right away. You don’t have to bother applying to a special school that costs money and time. Let’s take a look at the following selection of the best online courses.

1. MIT OpenCourseWare: Principles of Design

The first choice of online courses to study interior design comes directly from one of the world’s leading universities, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology through the MIT OpenCourseWare platform: Principles of Design.

Through this free course, you can begin to learn the basics of interior design covering room lighting elements, design history, and how to prepare presentation renderings for potential clients.

2. DecoratingStudio: Design Fundamentals

Do not judge a book by its cover. Don’t judge the following interior design course website on its looks alone. DecoratingStudio: Design Fundamentals has a wealth of informative content that you can use as a reference to decorate your home.

This image- and text-based course platform can be accessed for free and easily without registration. You can learn a lot from how to choose a color scheme to choosing the right furniture.

3. BetterHomes: practical guides

Do you want to know how to create an attractive home interior design like a pro? Point your browser directly to the BetterHomes: Practical Guides platform.

The special decorating section of this website contains various professional tips, inspiration, and DIY projects that you can try to practice at home.

4. Howcast: Interior Design Basics

Howcast’s Free Online Course for Learning Interior Design: Interior Design Basics can be an alternative to similar courses offered by Udemy.

The learning materials are presented through short videos that will help you set a budget and determine the most suitable elements to create the perfect bedroom of your dreams.

5. YouTube: interior design sketch courses

If you have a hidden drawing talent and want to use it to draw interior designs like a professional designer, you can check out the best interior design learning videos on YouTube playlist: Interior Design Sketch Courses.

The content presented in the video will guide you to begin to understand the fundamental concepts in hand drawing room design sketches. Very suitable for those of you who want to learn without having to read text material.

6. Design Thinking: creativity for the 21st century

Through the Learning Space program offered by Open University, learning interior design online is easier and more practical. One of the modules that you can access for free is Design Thinking: Creativity for the 21st century.

This 10-hour course provides a basic introduction to the various fields of interior design. The good news is, for those of you who often have trouble with the internet, all the materials are downloadable and printable to facilitate your learning process. It’s fun!

7. HomeStyleExpert: Decoration techniques

The interior design of a house is indeed an important aspect that must be taken into account when creating the house of your dreams. But if you want to have a dream residence with a complete aesthetic, the decoration elements should not be left behind.

By taking the HomeStyleExpert: Decorating Techniques course, you can hone your skills in juggling every part of your home to make it look more attractive.

The learning materials are also comprehensive, starting from the introduction of various styles, colors, accessories, to other supporting elements that can beautify your favorite room.

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